How Often Should You Clean Dryer Vent?

Clean Dryer Vent

Image Source: Architectural Digest Imagine this: you’ve just washed your go-to sweater and can’t wait to slip into it tomorrow. The garment is tossed into the drier, and you carry on with your day. However, you’ll find a pleasant surprise when you return to check on your garments. Your favorite sweater has shrunk and become […]

Why is my Air Vent Leaking Water? 

Air Vent Leaking Water

Image Source: HVAC Charlotte NC | South End Heating & Air HVAC systems rely on air vents to control airflow and keep rooms at an acceptable temperature and humidity level. They function as air intakes and exhausts, letting in clean air and expelling stale air. Ventilation systems that are in good working order reduce the […]