How to remove gutter guards for cleaning

Gutter guards considerably slow down the accumulation of dirt and other particles that may block your gutters. But, even with that, any gutter protection system you employ becomes clogged with debris over time.

Even if you have a gutter guard in place, you’ll still have to carry out basic maintenance from time to time. For this reason, you must know how to remove and fix your gutter guards.

Once you identify the style present, proceed to remove the gutter guards following the instructions for that particular gutter type. Always check that your ladder is stable before ascending to the gutter if you’re working on one.

Gutter Guard Removal Steps

There are various ways to clean your gutters, depending on the kind of gutter guards you installed in your home.

Steps for removing metal mesh gutter guards

  • Search for the snapping or screwing mechanisms.
  • Remove any debris or dirt that you find.
  • Try to pull out parts or remove screws.
  • As you drop the components to the floor, take care not to harm them.

Steps for removing perforated gutter guards

  • Check the guards to see if they are locked with screws or snapped into place.
  • Clean up any debris you may find.
  • Using a screwdriver, unfasten screws or try to pull apart edges that have snapped together.
  • To prevent bending the gutter guard components when you remove them, carefully drop them to the ground.

Steps for removing brush gutter guards

  • Remove any dirt from the bristles.


  • Pull the brush parts from the gutter.

Steps for removing reverse-curve gutter guards

  • Find the location of the screws that keep the guards in place.
  • Remove any debris.
  • Take the screws off.
  • Move gutter guards carefully out from beneath the roofline or away from the fascia.
  • Lower the guard parts to the ground gently.

Steps for removing all gutter guards

  • After dismantling the gutter guards, place drop cloths on the floor beneath the gutters.
  • Remove debris and place it on drop cloths.
  • Using a hose, clean the gutters.
  • Replace or reinstall old gutter guards as needed.

Things You Need

  • Sturdy ladder
  • Work gloves
  • You will need a cordless power drill or screwdriver to pop any rivets holding the guard.

Consult the Gutter Specialists

Gutter guards that are damaged or failing should be changed to avoid water damage around your home. We have them in a variety of colors, as well as accessories that will suit your test. To learn more about this low-maintenance gutter protection system, contact us now.

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