Sun Joe PSI Electric Pressure Washer SPX3000

Sun Joe comes with a magical solution to your endless scrubbing for cleaning all the woes. Its SPX3000 is one high-performance tool to kick out all the stubborn stains. It’s indeed a real beauty for the house to clean your driveway or porch. You better stick out with our in-depth SUN Joe PSI Electric Pressure Washer SPX3000 to know all the details. You’ll just get amazed at what it has in its store for your purpose.

Motor oils, dirty footprints, or tell-tales inadvertently tend to leave some disgusting stains. Whether it’s your driveway or porch – you may have to fret much to handle those. But with Sun Joe SPX3000, you have nothing to worry about. Its unsurpassed power over high pressure simply takes out everything in its path. One brisk round of cleaning is likely to remove even the most stubborn grimes or dirt from the floor.

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Features of Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Washer

What actually keeps the particular model ahead of other ones? Well, you’ll have to go through the features to get it. There are some upgraded models in the market, but SPX3000 still manages to retain its preference. In fact, there are plenty of features available to optimize overall efficiency. Of course, it has some downsides but nothing to give you major trouble. And the combined effect pushes the performance forward to meet your needs. One thing for sure – the washer can pull any small-scale household cleaning task very well. Unless you’re planning to clean a golf course or commercial janitoring, you’re good to go.


Satisfactorily Elegant Appeal

It’s indeed a stylish household pressure washer to curtail carbon footprint. Aside from the functionality, Sun Joe is ready to give you an aesthetically pleasing appeal. Of course, you can consider the appearance as one bonus over the workability. The light green front comes with black exterior parts to initiate an elegant outlook. Also, the manufacturer thoughtfully placed all the integrated features throughout. Therefore, the user-friendly design definitely adds up the value towards passionate consumers.

Reasonably Powerful Motor

The very first important fact regarding performance lies with motor power. Unfortunately, SPX3000 doesn’t exactly provide the best cleaning power. Rather than that, you’re sure to get a moderate amount of cleaning output. In fact, the assembly includes a 14.5 Amp motor to generate a maximum of 1800 Watt power. Right there, you can attain a reasonable 2030 PSI pressure from inside. Though it seems pretty unsatisfactory for larger jobs, the pressure is enough to accomplish smaller tasks.

CSA Standardized Pressure

As mentioned earlier, you can get 2030 PSI output from the motor. The problem is it’s the maximum pressure generated internally. What you need to understand is the resulted pressure on the outlet. The entire rating is provided based on CSA test standards. Safety measures keep the operating temperature low & therefore, declines the pressure. You’re likely to get 1450 PSI over common loading situations. The effective or working pressure is still good enough to get your job done.

Superior Cleaning Efficiency

Power is not everything to get a subtle outdoor cleanup. You’ll have to take the flow rate, aka GPM (Gallons Per Minute) on the outlet. A higher GPM rating triggers comparatively faster cleaning action. And Sun Joe offers a convenient 1.76 GPM for its outlet flow. Comparing to professional units, the rate is quite low. But the whole account remains high enough for any standard home pressure washer. The combined effect of 1450 PSI with 1.76 GPM is ready to wipe out grimes, oils & dirt.

Variable Spray Tip Nozzles

You’ll find all the available options in the market with 4 nozzle tips. But Sun Joe SPX3000 is indeed a unique & exceptional piece right here. The system lets you use either of the 5 included spray nozzles. As a result, you can get the results in accordance with the intended expectation with ease. Apart from 0°, 15°, 25° & 40° nozzle, there comes an additional black soap nozzle. Then again, each one features a distinctive exterior color to remain unequal from outside

Different Nozzle Functionality

When you need a concentrated jet stream, get the red-colored 0° nozzle. The yellow one with a 15° tip is standard & the most preferred for intense cleaning. Then the 25° dark green nozzle allows safe cleaning for painted surfaces. With less pressure, the grey-colored 40° nozzle is likely to trigger cleaning over a single pass. And you better utilize the very last black soap nozzle for detergents. Not to mention, it’s recommended for all types of detergents towards power washing.

Versatile Applicability

Usability is another important issue when it comes to any outdoor equipment. And you can count on the intended tool without any second thought. As it happens, the applicability here seems almost limitless towards a convenient cleaning job. You can clean homes, including apartments & buildings, vehicles including a truck, cars, RV’s & even boats. Didn’t we mention the obvious ones? It’s pretty suitable for garden, patio, lawn, porch, driveways & backyards.

Integrated Safety Features

Electrical equipment definitely possesses some risks from a small to a large extent. With a pressure washer, certain safety measures can reduce the chance of accidents. There comes a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) plug to withstand wet conditions. It triggers an automated shut-off over water intrusion to prevent power shock. Again, there is a TSS (Total Stop System) to help with motor functionality. Even this system launches automated shut-off when the trigger isn’t engaged.

Removable Detergent Tanks

Almost all the washer in the targeted price range includes one detergent tank. Unlike any other, Sun Joe gives you two reservoirs for detergents. It lets you add cleaning agents to the job for initiating further efficiency. You can fill each tank with two different detergents. Not to mention, each tank measures 0.9L capacity in terms of liquid. Also, the design allows easy removal of tanks for a quick refill. Using the onboard tanks, you can customize the capability to a great extent.

Silent Emission System

One basic issue concerning electrical washers is high noise generation. But Sun Joe enables a specific & advanced technology to skip the hassle. In fact, you’ll find the system almost noiseless over a barely audible sound generation. It’s quite advantageous in comparison to gas or conventional electric tools. Again, there comes no smoke or poisonous gas emission to take place. You can enjoy an enjoyable time with the cleaner while taking out the trash.

Sufficient Wand Length

Conventional electric washers tend to have very long wands. Instead, current electric washers mostly feature a pressure gun extension wand. That’s where this PSI Electric Washer lacks advancement to a certain extent. It’s 34” wand can cover a good amount of confined area easily. Moreover, the pressure hose measures a whopping 20’ which gets better with its 35’ long power cord. But it’s still somewhat difficult to reach further distance without any electric power source.

Simple Parts Assembly

The packed contents arrive pre-assembled, making the task easy for you. Still, you’ll have to set some time aside for completing the installation by yourself. It’s likely to cost you 30 – 45 minutes based on your skill. Its assembly mainly involves attaching wand, tank, hose & nozzle tip to the core body. Using the integrated small screws, all you need is to tightening the accessories. You can access, remove & reinstall the designated tanks in no time.

Outstanding Movability

Despite all the mechanical complexity, the tool managed to stay compact in size. The whole assembly measures about 31 pounds of weight. Obviously, you don’t want your energy wasted over carriage & movement. Therefore, it comes with two rear wheels to let you enjoy great movability. It certainly encourages the overall portability for cleaning flat surfaces.



  • Enhanced structural appearance.
  • Lightweight and simple design.
  • Reasonable built-in motor power.
  • Satisfactory pressure on output.
  • Five spraying tip nozzles included.
  • Sufficient length of hose & cord.
  • GFCI & TSS safety measurements.
  • Extra cleaning power with tanks.
  • Distinctive colors for each nozzle.
  • Incredibly wide range of usability.
  • Almost noiseless system action.
  • Simple & time-saving assembly.
  • Unsuitable for heavier tasks.
  • No pressure selection facility.
  • Electric outlet requirement.
  • Spray wand may seem short.

Final Verdict

Both power & efficiency remains incredibly high to induce maximum satisfaction. In fact, you can barely find any suitable alternative to SPX3000. It’s the ultimate weapon for performing all types of outdoor cleaning tasks. Obviously, the pressure washer is ready to tackle all the annoying surface stains.

All it takes a simple push to button & that’s it. When push brooms fail, you can rely on Sun Joe Electric Washer. Even the price remains within a friendly budget in comparison to high-quality counterparts. Considering all the features & its relevant benefits, the tool is definitely worth your investment.

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